We are a Melbourne-based not-for-profit that aims to provide help and services to families affected by cancer.

Created in honour of Sara Sharpe, the original idea for this charity came in April of 2014 after Sara’s passing on March 7th that same year. In 2012 Sara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she was a loving mother to her two daughters, Elise – then 14, and Kate – aged 9. She and husband Colin were strong through the entire process and on the 12th of December in 2012 Sara was declared cancer free. Over the course of the next year there was a celebratory trip to Thailand, and a trip to Europe to see Sara’s family. In December of 2013 Sara was diagnosed again with secondary breast cancer in the lungs and liver. She fought the battle hard but passed away in March the next year.

The concept for Sara’s Project came after her passing as family and friends supported the Sharpe family in ways one cannot even imagine. From taking Elise to work, to picking up Kate from gymnastics, to cooking enough food to feed them for the next four months. It was clear their support system had gone above and beyond to care for the family.

But thoughts quickly turned to those who didn’t have the same support system, those who have just moved from overseas and know barely anyone, those who only have family in other parts of the country or not even in the country at all. How do these people get through such difficult times without the same support?

So we are here. We are here for every family, individual and couple who are facing the same battles we did. Cancer isn’t the only battle that faces us, there is a battle to get to school, a battle to get up in the morning, a battle to get enough food on the table. We are here for every step of the way. We are your support system and you can rely on us to be there for you, just as our support system was there for us.

After the idea became more than just words on paper more people got involved. Our family and our friends came to help us once again. So our network will now become yours.

Colin, Elise and Kate




Elise is the driving force behind Sara’s Project. As the oldest of Sara’s two daughters, Elise developed a strong determination and passion to assist families that had been affected by cancer, like hers had. Elise is currently working for an energy efficiency non-profit and recently graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations and Human Rights.


Colin comes to the board with many years of retail, sales and management experience. Prior to taking time out for family, Colin managed banking branches for Westpac and more recently Bendigo Bank. Colin has also held senior retail management  roles with a number of major companies across a variety of industries. Colin is passionate about helping people who need a helping hand having gone through Sara’s cancer.


A commercial operations business consultant and recently qualified chef who works to combine her business and cooking background to support families and provide wider catering and consulting services. Ana has spent 20 years in the energy, financial services and biotec sectors, primarily focussed on business process re-engineering, customer service strategy and continuous improvement.


An entrepreneur with marketing, strategic and operational business development expertise across a wide range of industries, organisations and stakeholders including start up, government, small to medium sized businesses and through to internationally franchised organisations.  Jodie is committed to utilising her CEO and board member experience of the last 5 years to honour her inspirational friend, and provide support to Sara’s family and friends to realise the vision for Sara’s Project.


A senior operations manager within the Energy retail industry, Carol has over 25 years’ experience in corporate and public affairs, project management and continuous improvement.  Carol worked with Sara for many years and during this time developed a close friendship with Sara and her family.  Carol is dedicated to continuing to support her family and providing support to other families through Sara’s Project.